Almost all of my clients start off with a comment along the lines of "I have never done anything like this before!" or "I am excited, but really nervous!" or even "I have nothing to wear!"  

The couture portrait experience with me has 3 simple steps: a consultation, the session and your image premiere and ordering appointment. The consultation is where we get to know each other a little bit. We decide if the session will have more of a modern glamour feel or a boudoir feel. You can't choose? No problem! We will just do a combination of the two. Each and every session is completely customized to you, your comfort level and your desired final products.  The consultation is where the magic begins! We will chat about wardrobe, hair and makeup...SHOES!

Your session will start off with some quality time with a fabulous makeup artist. I work with some of Iowa's most talented makeup artists.  We will chat, go over your wardrobe options and just have some relaxed girl time while your makeup is applied. Then we will get started with the part that makes so many of you time. Please, don't worry about it...don't stress. I've got you covered! Just relax and follow my instructions and before you know are actually having fun while having your picture taken! Who knew, right?!?!

Then about 7-10 days after your session your images will be ready for your image premiere and ordering appointment. The ease and simplicity of this process will surprise you! This appointment is held at the studio where I will go through each of your images with you and help you decide which ones are best suited to the products that you were interested in at the consultation. This appointment usually takes about an hour.  Your final products are ready somewhere between 4-6 weeks later (maybe longer if your album design requires extra time).