One of the reasons that I truly love what I do is the reactions that I get from clients when we are wrapping up the session and/or when they see their images for the first time. I am amazed at how many of us really don't feel beautiful! I love that so many of my sessions end with hugs and thank yous. I love that they are always filled with laughter and even occasionally a tear or two. One of the true joys in my life is to be able to show each client how beautiful and amazing she is.

"Carisa, I can not tell you how amazing the pics are that you took. I have never felt so beautiful. Thank you so much. You are truly an amazing photographer and artist. I can't wait to send people to you. You have a way with the camera that is astounding. Thanks again." Ms. J

Iowa boudoir photographer Carisa Keeling specializes in taking beautiful photos of women in her West Des Moines, Iowa studio.

 "I met with Carisa to have some special photos taken as a wedding gift to my now husband, Carisa did a great job on the photos and I got many high quality images that I felt presented me well. Some of the photos were "for his eyes only" and I thought it would be weird to take that kind of picture with someone I barely knew, but after arriving to the studio, we chatted about what I wanted in regards to my session. Carisa made me feel completely at ease and assisted me in positioning my body to be as flattering as possible. After seeing all the images I was very excited and I ended up with a really beautiful leather bound photo book. I gave my husband the photos and he was very surprised and he kept telling me how gorgeous the photos were. After getting the images and looking at them again, I decided to order two of the images in a larger size. When those images arrived Carisa was kind enough to drop them off to me and save me a trip. I ended up showing the photos to a few select girlfriends all of them wanted to do the same thing for their boyfriends and husbands too! I highly recommend Carisa and would without hesitation do it again in the future!" Ms. E

Iowa boudoir photographer Carisa Keeling creates beautiful images that make perfect gifts for new grooms!